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Exclusive Research: Inside the Minds of 3,735 Dental Patients

From my friends at TNT Dental:

Due to the amazing work of TNT’s Market Research Team during the pandemic, we can use the results of an exclusive survey of 3,735 patients across the United States to provide an objective, 5-step guide to answering this question (Do I need a new website?). Now, we can make the decision of whether or not you need a new website based on actual insights from real patients.

After all, the first (and most important) job of your website is to convert the people visiting it into patients. Conversion is the key to effective websites, and it is dramatically improved when you actually provide the information new patients want.

Specifically, there are 5 factors deemed Very Important or Critical by more than 70% of our survey participants. Of the 17 factors evaluated, these 5 are what moves the needle. This is the information that should be front and center on the homepage of your website (most visitors only evaluate the homepage before calling or emailing your practice).

Source: Exclusive Research: Inside the Minds of 3,735 Dental Patients | Blog | Best Online Marketing Companies for Dentists | Custom Dental Websites | (877) 868-4932

The linked article lists the five factors that patients told the researchers were most important. You can use the article to do a DIY evaluation of your practice web site or ask the pros at TNT to do a free evaluation for you.