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Facebook or Webpage?

I linked to this blog by my friend and ex-patient Francine Hardaway in a previous post regarding Google+. I have returned to it for several reasons. Francine points out some issues that go contrary to much of the current common wisdom. I happen to agree with her and think it is worth pointing these things out again.

  • Facebook will not substitute for a practice web page.
  • Facebook marketing is not reliable.
  • Facebook has changed the service often making it hard to use.
  • To use Facebook effectively as a marketing tool it must be monitored closely.

Remember, over the last five years Facebook has changed its feature sets (fan pages, groups, brand pages), privacy rules (you can now turn off brands from your stream), and terms of service. Not to mention the issues Facebook has had with spam. … I just think it is dangerous for a small business to depend on. Unless someone in your business is going to monitor Facebook and engage in the conversation (which most small business owners don’t have time to do), you are better off having a (standard web) site as well.

via Francine Hardaway’s Blog.

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