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Fearless High Tech Dental Predictions for 2014

DcfutureIn case you missed it: From Dentalcompare Dec 26.

On October 22, 2014 the Smithsonian Museum of American History opened a new exhibit; a ¾ scale diorama depicting the office of Dr. James Spackleman, the only dentist in America without a website. “We wanted to capture Dr. Spackleman now before he disappeared altogether into the misty water colored memories of the past,” said Susan Morris, the Smithsonian’s Director of Anachronism. The exhibit was constructed using old photos. The museum team was unable to find the actual office. It seems that if you aren’t online you don’t really exist.

84% of patients look up a dentist before making a first appointment. Not having a web page today is the equivalent of not having a telephone in 1964.

In related news Google bought the entire state of Michigan. Deep discounts on Detroit made the purchase an easy cash deal for Google.

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