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Five Signs Your Website Needs Updating

building_a_website_imageAdapted from the Sesame Communications GPS:

Your website was built more than two years ago.

Web design evolves at an incredible rate, and what was effective or popular just a couple of years ago may not be now.

It still has a “Splash” intro page.

Splash pages are not only outdated but also are terrible for your website’s SEO.

Your website focuses on your interests not your patient’s needs.

Sesame research has found that hobby themes on a practice website negatively influence a patient’s perception of the practice.

It is not integrated with Social Media.

Adding linkable social media icons to your homepage will allow patients to easily connect with your social media pages.

Your webpage is not optimized for mobile devices.

74% of mobile users are only willing to wait five seconds or less for a single web page to load before leaving the site.

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