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Five Step Web Check

Phone number and address on the front page
Have your phone number and address in easy to read format in the upper right-hand corner of every page. Many if not most of the people who visit your page (including existing patients) want to give you a call. Make it easy for them.

Google by name
Does your practice web page appear as the first result when you google yourself by name? That is your actual name not the name of the practice. Most people (66%) still look for a dentist by asking for a referral. Your satisfied patients will most often refer a friend to Dr. Patterson not to Southside Dental.

Call to action
What do you want people who land on your dental web page to do next? You want them to make an appointment. So, ask them to do just that. Have a prominent headline that says Call now or click here for an appointment. That is a call to action.

Research tells us the first page that potential new patients click on your web site is the “About the Doctor” page. Do you have one? Is it easy to find? Does it have a nice professional photo?

Patient Support
If your web page is just for new patients, then people will have a reason to visit your page just once in their lifetime. Include web services that support existing patients and provide them with a reason to return to the page on a regular basis. This should include; bill pay, online forms and appointment requests.

For help building or upgrading your office web page see my friends at TNT Dental.