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Get a Responsive Dental Practice Website

mobileheromobileheromobileheromobileheromobileheroIn case you missed it: Dentalcompare from December 2013.

Imagine trying to read this page if it was shrunk to the size of a postage stamp.

Have you ever gone to a website using your smartphone only to find it is impossible to read or navigate because the phone attempts to fit the standard webpage into the tiny phone screen? After several frustrating minutes of resizing, waiting for the site to load, scrolling and looking for navigation buttons you give up…

UsingĀ responsive web design, a website detects the device on which it is being viewed and reformats itself to fit the screen. You do not want to create a different web page for different device screens. One website with the same content for all devices makes it easier for search engines to index a website, improving SEO. Responsive design uses a single website that is formatted for different devices.

At this time we are using three distinct screen sizes, traditional desktop monitors, tiny smart phones, and in the middle tablets such as the iPad.

via Emmott On Technology: Get Responsive With Your Dental Practice Website |

Mobile search has grown to equal desktop search. Patients are looking you up on their smart phones, both existing patients and possible new patients.

When they look you up on a smart phone they are not looking for lovely before and after photos or even online forms they are looking for the phone number and address, so make these big and easy to use with large thumb friendly buttons.

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