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Get Rid Of A Website That Doesn’t Make You Money

From Patient News Blog:

Is your current dental marketing provider tweaking your live website on an ongoing basis to create a better user experience? Are they tracking the behaviour of users and making educated design decisions to make it easier for your patients and prospects to engage with you?

After the home page entry point (large green box – “/”), we can see the highest “1st interaction page” is “/contact” – the Contact Us page.

Source: (2) New Messages!

Follow the link for an in depth look at what your web provider should be providing you. That is how many people view your site? Where do they come from? What pages do they visit? Do they become patients?

Most of the time the only thing a dentist gets from the office web provider is a bill and assurances that the new patients will be coming sometime soon. Do not settle for that. One of the powers of digital marketing is that you can precisely track how it is working.

As usual the article focuses exclusivity on new patients. New patients are an important reason for having a web page but not the only one. I believe it is equally important to support existing patients with at least, online forms, online appointment requests and online bill pay.

My favorite dental website provider is TNT Dental