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Here is a great follow up from this post on Social Media In that DPR article I wrote:

“The April 6, 2009 ADA News featured a long front page article on Dr. Yvonne Wong and how she was caught in a legal battle with Yelp over what she saw as lies and misinformation about her that were posted on Yelp. Dr. Wong’s case is still under review. However the underlying message of the ADA article is that dentists and other professionals are vulnerable to malicious reviews.”

My friends at Sesame Communications helped me with a slick and easy high tech solution. That is Google Alerts. This system allows you to ask Google to let you know whenever your name or maybe your practice name is mentioned on the Internet. It is simple to set up.

Of course it is important to catch any negative commments and respond but it is even better to catch someone saying something nice about you. 🙂

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