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Google+ and the Dental Office

A Guest blog from Sesame Communications The opinions expressed are from Sesame not Dr. Larry Emmott. However I believe it is valuable for dentists to get various takes on technology issues in order to make good technology choices.


By: Sesame Communications

Google+ Announcements

An announcement was made last week regarding the latest evolution of Google+.  A few of the great new features on the dashboard below are Insights which show the owner how many views their Google+ page has received, Driving Directions which shows where requestors are when looking for driving directions and Top Searches where the office can see which search terms are being used to find them.

Google+ Insights

“On June 10th, Google launched a new dashboard for businesses and Google+ page owners that will provide them with a single dashboard to manage many of their daily activities around Google’s tools. The new dashboard will, for example, allow businesses to update their info, including their website URLs, business hours and phone numbers, across Google Maps, Search and on Google+ right from the tools Overview tab.

As Google’s Pavni Diwanji notes in the announcement, the idea here is to “make it easier to manage your online presence – all across Google.”

In addition to managing their info across Google’s properties, the new dashboard will also give businesses the ability to monitor their Google+ notifications and to perform standard Google+ actions to manage photos and videos. They can also start Hangouts right from the dashboard.

Google+ Dashboard

Besides managing their presence, Google also allows these users to manage their AdWords and Google Offers campaigns and provides them with a number of stats for their businesses. (Pay-Per-Click Marketing Tools).”


Here is another interesting piece of information:
“Today, we are announcing a new dashboard in Google+ for all pages managed in Google+, including local business/place category pages. Read more here.”

Please note — if you are using Google Places for Business, please continue to do so. New users who are interested in appearing on Google Maps should also start at This announcement only affects business owners who are already using Google+ to manage pages.” This is going to be the case for most practices, and is currently causing another duplicates issue. Any BRAND NEW locations / offices should be ok, but if an office has previously been on Google Maps, there is a high chance that business listing duplicates may appear.

Happy Googling!

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