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Google Genomics is a cloud service just for DNA data

I think this is fantastic…but

Google is approaching hospitals and universities with a new pitch: Have genomes? Store them with us.

The search giant’s first product for the DNA age is Google Genomics, a cloud computing service that it launched last March but which went mostly unnoticed amid a barrage of high profile R&D announcements from Google, like one late last month about a far-fetched plan to battle cancer with nanoparticles.

Google Genomics could prove more significant than any of these moonshots. Connecting and comparing genomes by the thousands, and soon by the millions, is what’s going to propel medical discoveries for the next decade.

via Google Genomics is a cloud service just for DNA data.

Every time I am ready to embrace the cloud some new outrage occurs, Home Depot is hacked or nude celebrities start popping up. Never the less the potential for big data analysis of genomes is amazing.

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