Internet Security

Google is Tracking You

From Digital Content Next:

The key findings include:

  • A dormant, stationary Android phone (with the Chrome browser active in the background) communicated location information to Google 340 times during a 24-hour period, or at an average of 14 data communications per hour. In fact, location information constituted 35 percent of all the data samples sent to Google…
  • Google has the ability to associate anonymous data collected through passive means with the personal information of the user. Google makes this association largely through advertising technologies, many of which Google controls. Advertising identifiers—which are purportedly “user anonymous” and collect activity data on apps and third-party webpage visits—can get associated with a user’s real Google identity through passing of device-level identification information to Google servers by an Android device.

Source: Google data collection research – Digital Content Next

Read the whole thing, it is not kind to the “Don’t be Evil” company.

This is good to know on a personal level however it is also a significant issue with medical dental records and technology.

We are told be wary of nefarious cyber criminals lurking on the dark web ready to pounce on our identity while Google, a supposedly open mainstream good guy, is secretly monitoring us constantly.

I love my Android phone but things like this have me considering an iPhone.

There are Google search  alternatives. One I am using that claims not to track users is Duckduckgo.  (stupid name but…)