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Google-Plus-Dashboard-MainThanks to my friends at Sesame Communications for alerting me to the new Google+ Dashboard.

Google+ Dashboard gives brands a place to update all of their information including their website’s URL, address, phone number, store hours, etc. for Google+, Maps, and Search in one place. In addition, there’s a progress bar at the top of the page that lets you know if you’ve completely filled out the most important sections of your +Page

via Google Plus Daily: Google+ Pages receives new Dashboard with new insights.

The most important thing a dentist can do to take control of his or her online presence is to claim and manage their Google+ Place.

The new Dashboard just makes managing your Google+ Place faster easier and more effective.

The second most important thing a dentist should do to improve his/her Internet success is set up an effective web page, then link it to Google+. The key word there is effective. Far too many dental web pages are designed to please the dentist or the web designer and do not include the things patients care about.

One of the reasons I like Sesame is that they provide a complete package of services. That is they will help you claim and set up your Google+ Place and they will also help with a web page, appointment reminders, web based marketing, social media and more.


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