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Google Places Q&A

The following is from Clint Macklin at Neonrain

Before the recent importance of reviews my patients would hand write testimonials to me, can I login and add those myself?

Unfortunately, no you can’t. You have to get back in touch with those patients and have them post them under their user name. If you do it yourself you could get into quite a bit of trouble.

I have had my place page set up for a while and it’s still not showing up when I type in my keywords. What should I do?

This is a very hard question to answer without seeing the place page. There are so many factors that go into it i.e. filling out the categories correctly, getting reviews, posting videos and pictures etc. If you feel you have done all that, do some competitive research on the people that are showing up when you type in your keywords and see what there page looks like or where they are getting links from. 

I have multiple dental offices and have multiple doctors in each, should they all have their own places page?

This is directly from Google Places quality guidelines,

“Businesses with multiple specializations, such as law firms and doctors, should not create multiple listings to cover all of their specialties. You may create one listing per practitioner, and one listing for the hospital or clinic at large.”

So each doctor can have his own page but the office can only have one listing.

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