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Google Search Results: Why Yours Might Be Different

From Fortune:

…a study conducted by DuckDuckGo, a search engine that aims to protect users’ privacy. Participants searched Google for “gun control,” “immigration,” and “vaccinations,” but despite the identical search terms, the results varied, even when controlling the time and location, according to the study.

Source: Google Search Results: Why Yours Might Be Different | Fortune

Interesting article which implies that Google is gathering data about you even when you are not logged in. And that Google narrows search results that are tailored to you. As a result you end up in a “filter bubble” that limits your exposure to anything outside your “bubble”. The bubble could be experience, ideology or shopping preferences.

There may be some truth to all that and it may or may not be a concern. Never the less it does demonstrate that different people in different locations searching at different times will get different results. As a dentist that means you cannot rely solely on SEO to show up in search results for key words like dentist. No one can guarantee you a first page Google ranking.

You will get better website payoff by optimizing for the doctor’s name (most people still get a referral before searching) and clamming your Google Business page. Plus, include online services like bill pay and online forms that support existing patients.