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Google sees all and is forever!

From New Dentist Blog:

One day, I was searching my name on Google (don’t act like I’m the only one that does that), and I saw some interesting things come up that made a few light bulbs go off in my head. The first thing was my name on some website about rating your doctor. I never filled out a profile on there, how did they get my name and practice address!? Are they allowed to do that? Apparently. I can’t stop them. It’s public record.

Source: As dentists, we step into the public spotlight (whether we want to or not) | New Dentist Blog

Some good advice for new dentists in particular that applies equaly to all of us. You have an Internet presence even if you do not know it.

Younger new dentists need to remain Internet aware. You will be held to a higher standard and what may have been a fun social media post when you were in school is no longer appropriate and may come back to haunt you. When you Google yourself by name what come up? You want to control that as much as possible.

Older dentists sometimes dismiss the Internet as not relevant to them as they have never had a web page or claimed a web site profile. Wrong. As the article points out you have an Internet presence and will be found on various sites like Google and Yelp even if you have never entered anything about yourself to an Internet site.

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