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Google Will Now Warn You When a Site’s Mobile Version is Broken and Dumb

Guest posting from my friends at Sesame Communications:

Excerpt repurposed from 6/5/14 article by Greg Kumparak, Tech Crunch

We’ve all been there. You take out your phone to Google something. You click the first result. It starts loading the page you wanted…aaaand bam! You’re kicked to the homepage of the site.

More often than not, this is because the site you were trying to visit implemented its “mobile-friendly” version in a dumb way. Rather than adapting responsively or forwarding you to the proper page, the server is just loading the mobile theme, dumping you on the homepage, and calling it a day.

There’s no easy fix for this on Google’s end—but starting June 5, 2014, they’re trying to chip away at the problem.

Click here to learn the two ways Google is doing this:


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