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Googling for Dentists

The only way to be sure you will appear on the first page of Google is to buy it. More or less. 🙂

That is you buy an ad and you Pay Per Click, PPC. The ad will appear in a Google search as a “sponsored link” based on the “keywords” you have bid on. Google calls them AdWords. If the Googler does not click your ad you pay nothing. If the Googler does click you pay a fee that is determined by the keywords you bid on and the competitiveness of the market.

Keywords in Los Angeles will cost ten times as much as the same word in Knoxville.

By the way there is a lot more to it than just buying the keyword dentist. Look here for some keyword strategy.

Whether or not your sponsored link will appear on a search is determined by a mysterious Google “quality score” as well as the content of your landing page the relevance of your ad and a whole lot more. Search Engine Marketing has rapidly become a complex process and it is a good idea to get expert help from someone like Sesame .

In addition Sesame Communication has done some research on the use of keywords in dentistry. The results have been published in a white paper.

Here are three key findings:

1. On average 9.6% of the searchers who clicked the keyword ad called the practice. This is a very high conversation rate. Your conversion rate will be determined by the keywords and the quality of the landing page the ad sends them to. Here is what Sesame had to say;

“Consumers are now more sophisticated and when they click on PPC advertisements they are further advanced in their purchase cycle and ready to purchase the service researched.”

2. 79% of the people calling based on Google AdWords were new patients.

3. The average cost to acquire a new patient lead using the AdWord process was under $50. The national average for new patient acquisition is $275.

To connect directly with Sesame for a free Internet effectiveness evaluation look here.

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