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Grow Your Practice with Digital Media

From  American Dental Association  Center for Professional Success:

A nice resource but.

If a patient in search of a dentist can’t find you online, they may find another dental practice with a website that contains the information they need to make an informed decision. Do you want them to pass you over because you don’t have an online presence?

Source: Grow Your Practice with Digital Media | American Dental Association | Center for Professional Success

The ADA article lists several essential elements of a web page. They are all important however they all relate solely to new patients. If your dental website is just for new patients then people have an incentive to visit it exactly once, when they are looking for a new dentist.

It is important to have an online presence and this starts with a practice web page. However an effective web page needs to support existing patients as well as attract new patients. For example you should provide integrated online forms, link to financing (CareCredit) and accept online payments. BTW forms are not just for new patients, every recall patient should be updating their medical history. When you offer theses online services patients have an incentive to visit your web site not just once in a lifetime but several times a year.

One of the factors Google considers when ranking sites is traffic. The more people who visit a site the more relevant it must be and the higher it is likely to rank in search results.

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