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HealthVault and Dental Optimizer

I found this on Dental Blogs. This was the first I had heard of Microsoft HealthVault. It is a free web service that allows you to store personal health information and gives consumers (patients?) access to various health advice, like how to loose weight or keep your teeth healthy. Once your health records are online you can easily share them with various health care providers, hospitals and such when needed. You can also provide access for family members.

This is what the national health record data bank was (is) supposed to do.

When you visit the site check out the tab in the upper right. You can navigate to the Industry section. Here you can sign up to be a “Solutions Provider” Not sure what that entails.

In the virtual realm of dental health, Dental Optimizer™ is a cool new tool/website that can be used with a HealthVault account. Dental Optimizer tells patients how their medications can affect oral health. It also offers customized recommendations – based on a questionnaire – to protect oral health and ward off dental disease.

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