Help with Data Overload

What did we do before Google and the “Information Super Highway”? When it came to information, that is finding a fact or checking on some relevant data, we either went to a library, (where finding the information was theoretically possible but often difficult) we relied on our memory of general stuff or most often we simply remained ignorant. Now we just “Google it.”

Today the problem is not that data is hard to get but it is in fact too easy. We are overwhelmed by information. The new problem is not finding the data but organizing it and deciding what is relevant (or even true) and what is useless.

The ADA service linked below is an attempt to help us search, organize and prioritize dental research information.

With more than 500 clinical trials per dental specialty published every year, can give you a quick look at the latest available evidence. But, the next step is to discriminate between all the information so you can implement what is best for your patients.

via Science&Technology: American Dental Association.

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