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Highway Bypass

The Internet has been called the Information Super Highway and it can be compared to a real super highway system the US Interstates.

The Interstate system has made travel much faster and safer than it was before. Never the less a sad consequence of the development of the Interstates is that many businesses and even whole towns disappeared if the Interstates bypassed them. If they aren’t visible from the highway they might as well not exist.


If you let the Information highway pass you by, that is you don’t have a high speed connection or an office web site then you will be just as invisible as the little gas station or hotel on old route 66. You might as well not exist.

Fortunately no one needs to be bypassed. Unlike an Interstate it is easy and very inexpensive for an office to connect to the Information Highway. All you need is an onramp.

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GREAT example. You might want to refine mine. “If you have a beautiful car in a dark garage (website) . The light switch (SEO pay for clicks etc.) so you find the car. The keys become the way you use the car (take action).” These are the 3 steps to make the web pay. Thanks for your help.

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