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How Fast is Your Internet Connection—Really?

I ran the test in the article linked below. I use a cable company and my speed was excellent. Download was 56.27 Mb/s. They said I have a faster connection then 93% of the US. If that is so the why am I still highly impatient and grumble when it takes a web site 3 seconds to open?

The fact is that faster Internet speeds do not seem to make us happier they just increase our expectations. Keep this in mind with your practice web site. According to research from Sesame Communications you have 4 seconds to capture the attention of a casual web surfer. Do not clutter your home page with lots of items that take a long time to load. And remember what may seem like it loads fast to you could be taking eons for someone with an average or slow connection speed.

Follow the link to learn more about and check your speed.

The Internet service providers talk a lot about how much speed they provide, but how can you be sure you’re getting the speed you pay for?

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