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How is your UX?

uxUX or User Experience is a big part of how people use your practice web page:

The field of User Experience Design has roots in human factors and ergonomics, a field that since the late 1940s has been focusing on the interaction between human users, machines and the contextual environments to design systems that address the user’s experience.[3] The term specifically “User Experience” came in to existence in early 90’s with the proliferation of computers at work places.

via User experience design – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A lot of time, effort and money is spent by businesses, including dentists, to get people to your business website. This can include monthly SEO fees to get your name high on the first page of Google, Social Media links and mentions, PPC ads and links and more. However all of that time and money is wasted if the potential patient lands on the page and has a bad user experience.

Is the basic page navigation easy to use? Are the items patients are looking for (like the office phone number) prominent and easy to find? Does the “look and feel” reflect your practice image? And most importantly does the web site convert searchers into patients who will call the office?

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UX is so very important. After doing a bit of research, our practice decided on the “showcase” style Web design that utilizes a lot of large, high-resolution imagery. Our patients love it! It’s also important to note that UX doesn’t end with just the design. It’s also very much about the structure and *value that your site provides. Navigability, as you mention above, is also crtical!

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