How many pages and Google Juice?

by Larry Emmott on May 25, 2010

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The Page 1 Solutions link below is to an article that suggests more pages on a web site are better. This is based on the belief that the more pages you have the more Google Juice you get and the better you will do in the organic (not paid for) search results.

I am not sure I agree with the basic idea. Research from Sesame indicates most active web searches make a buying decision about a dental practice based on just five key pages.

However I do agree with the question below. Do a dental practice search for your town and analyse what types of dental websites appear in the organic results before deciding to spend a lot on your own web page.

An even better question is what is the basic purpose of the web site? I am not sure at all that attracting random web surfers should be the primary purpose of a practice web site. I believe that supporting exiting patients and attracting direct referrals (not random surfers) is a better purpose for most practices. If that is the case then your organic Google results don’t matter all that much.

Before you decide to save a few dollars and buy a 10-page website (especially if you are in a hyper-competitive market), see what type of websites dominate the 1st-page of search engines. You may rethink the need for more targeted pages.

via Page 1 Solutions Blog.

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