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How Personalized Search Results Impact Rankings

From Sesame Communications:

Welcome to the age of personalized search! Over the past few years Google has been feverishly updating their search technology to create a more custom and rich user experience for local business owners and their customers. While these changes make it easier for customers to find local, relevant businesses they love, it makes it a bit harder for business owners to understand where they rank in search results for individual users.

Source: How Personalized Search Results Impact Rankings – Dental Marketing & Practice Management | Sesame Communications

Two people sitting next to each other can type in the exact same search terms (for example “dentist”) and get completely different results.

As you must know by now Google collects massive amounts of information about you as you use it and other online services. Google then customizes search results just for you. That is good (but also creepy) as it helps you get better results. However as a dentist looking to be found on Google it makes the task that much harder. There is simply no way an SEO company can assure you will be a top result as there is no way to finesse customized results for a common search term like “dentist”.

What you can do is maximize results for a search for your name. Sixty percent (or more) of people looking for a dentist still start with a personal referral. They do not type in “dentist” they type in your name. Even more important is to claim and populate your Google Business page.