How to Avoid a Hostage Situation

More good advice from the smart guys at Doctorbase.

We’ve seen an alarming trend over the past year with regard to our doctors’ data. We (and others) have always advised our doctors to stay away from ‘rent-a-site’ services that will build you a website – and then hold your website & all of the content on your site hostage if you ever cancel their (often overpriced) services.

Sometimes a hostage situation occurs when a dentist contracts for a web site and allows the web service developer to set up the domain and the developer puts in their name as the domaine owner not the dentists.

Do you own your own web site? There is an online service to find out called whois. Check it out here. Just type in your website domain name and see what comes up.

via How to Avoid a Hostage Situation.

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