How to Implement a Web Page Listing Strategy

Here are a few, easy tips on obtaining web page listings  for your dental practice:

  • First and foremost, develop a means of tacking both the activity in the web site and where the activity is derived from.
    Obtain free listings for your practice with as many search engines as possible.  All search engines are different; insure that the person registering the web site is familiar with the search strategies employed by each search engine.
    Insure that your practice web site is listed in all medical organizations to which you belong.  Always include your email address and web site address, not simply the phone number and address.
    Obtain as many free listings as possible in the commercial directories.  Never pay for a listing on a directory that does not search specifically for doctors.  Remember that the purpose of the vast majority of these directories is to sell advertisement to consumer companies.
    Never pay more for a directory listing than for a reasonable size yellow pages (1/4 to 1/2 page) advertisement.  In a large city, the cost should not exceed $2200 to $2500 per month.
    Always search the Internet yourself to confirm the ease of finding the directory.  Also, search your own practice area to insure that the maps or other search mechanisms easily direct patients to the geographical area of your practice.
    Never buy a listing that charges by the “number of hits.” It is too easy for advertising companies, as well as your competitors, to manipulate your web site’s activity. (This is the reason why radio, television, and other media advertising is not sold in units of activity).

 By David Evans Einstein Medical

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