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How to Opt Out of Google’s New Privacy Policy (Sort Of)

Good to know.

“The questions consumers should be asking are,”Who has your data and how much do they have and with whom are they sharing it?” Galperin said. That’s what’s at stake, typically, when you use an ostensibly “free” service such as Google or Facebook

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This is an issue we are just barely beginning to acknowledge let alone address in a reasonable manner. It goes much deeper than Gooogle and Facebook, they are just the most obvious examples.

On the one hand I appreciate it when vendors know about me and cater to my needs. On the other hand I find it creepy. This is really part of the “Who Owns the Data?” issue.

The immediate response is always that the patient (or consumer) owns their own data and should have ultimate control of who uses it and when. In reality this is not how things work or even how they should work.

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