ICANN Approves Plan for New Domain Names

Big news in the geek world. More top level domain types are coming. That is the three letter suffix after the dot at the end of your web site name like dot gov, dot edu or of course dot com. I think the world needs more top level domains, the problem is that dot com has become such a fixture in our language it is the assumed web site type. When a business uses one of the current alternatives like dot biz, dot net or dot info it doesn’t get much recognition; it seems wrong.

ICANN already offered a top level domain type in 2004 just for professionals like dentists called dot pro. It was designed for physicians, lawyers, CPAs as well as dentists. A good idea? I know of no one who is using a dot pro suffix. Here is a link to dot pro on Wikipedia and here is a link to a TNT a dental web company who can help you find, purchase and manage your domains.

The Internets governing body on Monday approved a plan to increase the number of generic top-level domains gTLDs, which could significantly increase peoples options

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