Internet Paperless

Interactive “Smart” Forms

nopdfWhen we consider using online forms our first notion is to simply copy the paper forms we have always used in a digital format like a pdf. However once you start thinking digital and electronic the forms can become so much more. Forms can now be smart and interactive.

For example, Men do not become pregnant. So why ask them if they are? A smart system would eliminate that question if the patient checked the M box and include it if she checked the F box. An even smarter system might eliminate the question for children and older women.

A smart form would change based on responses. If the patient checked the Yes box next to “Are you pregnant?” the form would then ask “When are you due? or How many weeks?”. If the patient checked the No box then on to the next question.

Another example could be, “Are you diabetic?” It the Yes box is checked the follow up questions could be: When were you diagnosed? Is your blood sugar well controlled? Do you take oral medication or use injections? How often? And so on. If the patient checked the No box then on to the next question.

These “smart” forms would not be handed to a patient when he or she walked in for an appointment but would be online linked to the patient chart. Digital online forms are not just for new patients but can be accessed by every patient in order to update their health history or other changes like a new address or employer.

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