Internet Connection Speed

An old fashioned dial up phone modem has a transfer rate of 56Kbps. Rather than try and explain what that means we will just call that speed 1. If dial up is 1 then the other connections have the following speeds.

  • Dial Up           =          1
  • ISDN              =          2
  • DSL                =          143
  • Cable               =          357

The speed is a function of the connection but also the computer you are connecting to, other users and whether you are transmitting or receiving data. The comparison chart above indicates maximum speeds for each type of connection. The actual performance will vary however this can give you a basis for choosing an office connection.

In broad terms another way to look at the speed options is that ISDN is twice as fast as dial up. That sounds pretty good until you see that DSL is almost 150 times as fast as dial up. But cable can be three times as fast as DSL.

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