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‘Internet of Things’ next change agent?

From Uproar Labs:

Internet connectivity is rapidly infiltrating devices everywhere to provide feedback to engineers, managers, designers and customers. Machines, products and industrial processes, especially in manufacturing, are growing ever more effective, efficient and profitable.

via ‘Internet of Things’ next change agent? | Uproar Labs.

The Internet of things is an amazing concept that should improve our lives and reduce costs. Wouldn’t it be great if your central air compressor noted that a piston was running hot and alerted you and the service technician before it seized up, closing the office and requiring and expensive fix or replacement?

Or how about a dental restoration that records pressure and wear and alerts you when it is about to fail?

The idea is great. However I have security concerns. We have seen that hackers can crack sophisticated systems they should have no trouble messing with embedded chips and the communication networks they use.

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