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Is Your Website Secure with an SSL Certificate?

From my friends at TNT Dental:

Does your website have an SSL certificate installed? Google has put in place big changes that could negatively impact your site – if you don’t act now. “Not Secure” warning messages are now being displayed by Google in search results, as well as natively in internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and more). Making matters worse, your website’s results on Google searches will become buried if an SSL certificate is not installed (

Source: Is Your Website Secure with an SSL Certificate? – TNT Dental

Determining if your website is secure with an SSL certificate is easy. Simply pull up the site in your favorite internet browser. If your URL begins with https (as opposed to just http), your site is secure. You might also see a lock icon before your website URL that indicates the site has an SSL certificate installed. If you see the verbiage “not secure,” an exclamation point, red lock or a lock with a slash or “X” on it — you’re in trouble!

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