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JADA publishes latest dental research online ahead of print issue

ADAFrom ADA News:

Beginning this month, The Journal of the American Dental Association will publish articles online ahead of print. Current articles online ahead of print can be found at

Source: JADA publishes latest dental research online ahead of print issue

This might not seem like it is such a big deal but in the world of publishing it is HUGE. Print publishers have been clinging to the notion that articles must appear on paper first and that digital online publication was just an afterthought. Paper publishers did not want to “scoop” themselves by putting an article online before it was printed.

This outdated attitude simply does not apply in the modern world. Why wait days or weeks to publish anything when it can be online in seconds.

The second big deal has to do with traditional peer review. Again traditional paper publishers have been clinging to this once ultimate standard in a world where there are now much better options. Traditional peer review takes way too much time and it too often fails to do what it is intended to do. There is a great deal of evidence that online crowd sourced review will provide better and faster results.

Richard Smith, who edited the British Medical Journal for more than a decade, said there was no evidence that peer review was a good method of detecting errors and claimed that “most of what is published in journals is just plain wrong or nonsense”.

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