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Making Geofencing for Dentists Work

From my friends at TNT Dental:

Display Ads: You know those advertisements that pop up on the side of your email box, on a webpage you’re viewing or within your Facebook feed? They’re display ads, and they do the very job you would think they would – displaying text, logos or images for a company. Otherwise known as the “Billboards of the Internet,” these kinds of ads don’t happen by chance. As with any advertising, you want to make sure you get your message in front of the right “billboards,” and strike a chord with your viewers. After all, good messaging = attracting viewers = increased conversion rate = new patients!

Source: Making Geofencing for Dentists Work | Blog | Best Online Marketing Companies for Dentists | Custom Dental Websites | (877) 868-4932

Follow the link for a very nice outline of the topic and some great tips. The primary message is to use the power of digital marketing to send your marketing message to those people most likely to follow up, click and become a new patient.

Geofencing allows you to send your message to people in your neighborhood. After all if your office is in Dallas it makes little sense for you to market to people in Cleveland. In fact you probably don’t even want to spend your marketing budget sending messages to people in a Dallas suburb an hour away.