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Medical Devices too Prone to Hackers

SFrom the Washington Times:

At a conference here Thursday, security researchers said that hundreds of common medical devices, ranging from X-ray machines to MRIs, have been vulnerable to attack by hackers.

Source: Medical devices too prone to hackers, researchers warn – Washington Times

I believe the concept of the “Internet of things” is awesome. However I am afraid of the security issues, issues that most enthusiasts (like me) want to ignore.

Every time we link a device to the Internet we greatly increase its functionality and efficiency. We also make it vulnerable to hackers. The linked article discusses a lot of possible issues. So far there has been little actual hacking of medical devices but the potential is there.

One level of concern is that hackers could use the device as an entry to a hospital or health plan system and steal personal data. Possible.

At another level hackers could take control of a life saving device, like a pace maker, and commit cyber murder. Maybe possible but very unnerving.

Third hackers could just mess things up by changing the dose of an x-ray or altering patient records. Why would they do that? I don’t know why do vandals do anything?

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