More Medical “in”Justice

by Larry Emmott on December 9, 2011

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Follow up on this story about Dr. Stacy Makhnevich a New York dentist who attempted to enforce an agreement preventing patients from posting negative online comments. The patient turned around and sued her, setting off a firestorm of online news. None of it is good news for Dr. Makhenvich. The DoctorBase article below provides some good follow up.

…upon the news that a doctor had actually attempted to enforce one of these contracts, it received considerably more attention. The story entered the news cycle this past Thursday, and (according to Google News) was picked up by over 200 online news outlets including MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Daily News, CBS, and ABC – which was a featured news story in the Yahoo! news feed.

via DoctorBase – Insight for Doctors on Healthcare Marketing, Online Reviews, Word-of-Mouth Automation, and Search & Social Optimization.

I have no idea if the patient review was fair or not. I have no idea how good a dentist Dr. Makhenvich is. I have no idea if she was maligned and lied about. The sad truth is that none of that matters now. In the court of public opinion she is wrong and the reader comments are consistently negative.

Online user reviews are very powerful and getting more so. Unfortuntely the system as it stands now is essentially corrupt. Beware.

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