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New Google Rank Algorithm

google-toothThere is considerable buzz in the tech world about the new Google ranking criteria set to launch April 21. Do you need to panic? Will your website disappear from Google? Relax, the big changes aren’t really that big and should not have much effect on most dentists. Especially if you have been following our advice when it comes to dental web pages.

The first change is to add rank value to web sites that are mobile friendly. The best way to do this is to have a responsive site. That is a site that detects the device on which it is being viewed and displays itself accordingly. This has been good advice for years and now Google will be rewarding you for doing it.

The second change is to penalize sites with multiple doorways. These are pages designed explicitly to attract specific Google search terms that then direct users to another site.

For some help with the mobile site issue Forbes has a good article here.

For web site development including mobile responsive sites I like TNT Dental and Sesame.

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