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By: Deploy Dental

Google has recently implemented a redesign of their search engine results page (known as a SERP). Previously, the menu for additional search tools such as images, maps, shopping, and news was located in the far left column. These options can now be found at the top of your SERP in a horizontal row. While this might not seem like a significant change, there are some important implications for search marketing.

Organic Results

For organic (non-paid) search results, the primary improvement resulting from this change is that the Knowledge Graph will be expanded. This is the area in the far right column that (1) features commonly sought after information related to any search, and (2) provides a preview of websites within a search results page. Expanding this area can actually decrease clicks for information based searches (since users can find the information they’re looking for right in the search results), but searches for products or services will still likely result in clicks.

Paid Results

Paid search marketing can significantly benefit from the extra room in the right-hand column. Whenever a Google search indicates a high level of commercial intent, the Knowledge Graph space is immediately utilized by Product Listing Ads. These larger, picture based ads let potential customers see all the necessary information required to make a purchase. Once these ads are enabled, either through Merchant Center or Adwords, the designated products are displayed whenever a relevant search is performed.

Final Thoughts

The expansion of the Knowledge Graph is part of Google’s ongoing effort to make search engine results pages dynamic and more efficient in delivering the information users are looking for. Additionally, through Product Listing Ads, there will be both an increased revenue for Google and an even more powerful way for advertisers to reach consumers.

SERP now across the top of the results

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