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New Survey Reveals Americans Choose Dentists Based on Online Reviews

From Markets Insider:

Survey Question & Findings

The survey asked 1,500 Americans the following question:

You are searching for a new dentist near you on Google, and you get several options to choose from, which will you most likely pick?

  • The one with the best online reviews
  • The one closest to me
  • The top ranked one in the search results
  • The cheapest one
  • The one with the best looking website

Source: New Survey Reveals Americans Choose Dentists Based on Online Reviews, Proximity and Rank in the Search Results | Markets Insider

The headline is misleading. Based on those five options most people 43.3% chose the dentist with the best reviews.

The survey did NOT ask people how they would find a dentist. They asked what they would look at on Google. When asked how they would find a dentist most people still start with a personal referral. Which means the potential new patient will be googling your name not looking for random dentists. Potential new patients do not start with reviews, they start with a referral and use reviews to confirm the referral.

Never the less reviews are incredibly powerful.  If a potential new patient Googles you for your phone number and encounters a slew of bad reviews, even if you have received a great personal referral, the new patient will look elsewhere.