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Nineteen Percent

Here is a screen shot of page one of Google from the Denver area with the keyword dentist.


The primary thing to notice is that only 19% of the page one results are the so called “organic” results from the famous Google algorithm that determines results based on key words. Second notice that many of the organic results are not even dentists but are other results such as Wikipedia, the ADA and a magazine article. This kind of result is typical for any big city in the US.

When a web marketer sells you Search Engine Optimization or SEO what he/she is selling is improved organic results. At one time SEO services could boost a dental web  page up in the rankings and maybe even on to the first page. That is no longer the case in most cities.

The only way to have a chance at the front page is to buy it with an ad. In the example above the adds are 13% and 30% for a total of 43% of page one. For most US cities the cost of a Google ad will be $10.00 to $20.00 per click for a keyword such as dentist.

The final area to notice is the 22% that includes a three pack of dentists and the map. This may be the most significant area. Your presence in the three pack is linked to your Google Business page.

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