Office Web Site Q&A

Q: How many dentists actually have a Web site?
A: Almost half (49%) of all U.S. dentists have a Web site, according to Dental Products Reports 2006 Exclusive Survey of the Dental Profession.

Q: How many people actually use the Web?
A: More than 71% of Americans use the Internet, according to research from the Pew Internet and American Life Project (

Q: But aren’t most Internet users just kids?
A: No. According to Pew, well over 80% of people 30-to-49 years old use the Internet. The only age group with less than 50% usage are people over 65.
In addition, Pew research shows that Internet usage is closely related to education and income. The highest percentage of users (more than 90%) are people with a college education and in the upper income groups.