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From Shopper to New Patient; Online Chat

Getting potential new patients to your web site is just the first step. You then need to convert them from surfers to patients.

Research shows that visitors who chat are 7.5 times more likely to complete a purchase than visitors who don’t chat.Chat also leads to greater customer satisfaction and more frequent repeat business. But is it right for professionals and private practice dentists?

The theory behind chat is fairly simple; make it easier for potential patients to communicate with your practice, interact with a greater number of potential patients, and schedule more consultations.

Source: Online Chat: How to Start, What to Expect – DentistChats – Live Chat for Dentists

Most dental teams do not have the time or the training to break from their daily chores and “chat” with web surfers on your dental web page. However if you can chat with them your chances of converting them from a shopper to a patient sky rocket.

DentistChats is a service that provides trained team members who monitor your site and chat with potential new patients. You do not need to train your staff, you do not need to monitor the site after hours all you need to do is sign up and out source to the experts.

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