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Online Customer Reviews Will be Even More Important in 2014

From Sesame Communications via Amanda DiSilvestro, Yahoo Small Business Advisor

Online reviews have always been a part of Google and good business management, but just recently Google has really started ramping up places you can feature reviews. Based on some of these moves (discussed below), it seems that business reviews are going to be more important than ever in 2014. Small business owners need to make sure they’re taking advantage of all the different review options, making efforts to earn quality reviews, and communicating with the team about updating and managing comments. But how?

Different Options and Places to Feature Reviews

Fortunately, understanding reviews and creating a solid strategy isn’t going to be too difficult. The first step is understanding your options for reviews and where you can feature them. A few of these options include:

The New Options

  • AdWords Review Extensions. Google just announced this new feature a few weeks ago and it centers around ads that you see on SERPs. With review extensions, a company can feature a small 67-character review right under their ad. All you need to do is visit the Ad Extensions tab in your AdWords account. To the right is a screenshot from the Google announcement that shows what they will look like.


  • Shared Endorsements. This is another new feature and it deals with the way in which Google displays ads. The idea is that Google will focus on gathering all of the information about a company—photographs, comments, +1s, and yes, reviews—and then show that on a SERP if someone had searched for something related to your business prior to that search. The comments are taken from Google+ reviews, which bring us to our next point. Below is a screenshot from the Google announcement that illustrates what the shared endorsements will look like:


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