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Online Reviews; a Good Thing?

Another DoctorBase link below. This is a follow up to this from last week.

The DoctorBase folks have some data that shows the vast majority of patients are satisfied, as this visual demonstrates. However the sad truth of human nature is that satisfied people rarely say much while unhappy people can’t wait to mouth off and complain. When someone complains, others, even people who disagree, will rarely confront the complainer. Instead we tend to pile on.

User Reviews are a concern. One reason user reviews are important is that everyday consumers see them, with some justification, as honest opinions rather than the overblown marketing messages we are constantly subjected to. How many times can you see or hear “New and Improved” without becoming a bit jaded? User reviews are powerful because they are perceived as being honest.

If you are seen to be controlling the reviewers by deleting negative comments or worse yet if you are caught in sock puppetry padding your reviews with positive fakes your credibility and integrity will be trash. You will be seen as dishonest. Better to do nothing.

The only viable solution seems to be to overwhelm negative reviews with positive ones. A good plan but not one that happens naturally. As the DoctorBase blog advises you need to actively solicit positive comments.

This is why we’re constantly telling our own doctors to get proactive and make sure all of your happy patients are telling their friends & family about the great work you do. Because face it – you’re in business because your satisfied patients far outnumber the occasional disgruntled one.

via DoctorBase – Online Reviews, Internet Marketing, & Word-of-Mouth Marketing Advice for Dentists & Physicians.

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I know how to fix this for any referral based business…applications like yelp and review sites with negative reviews will soon be overwhelmed by the 98 percent of ‘like’rs….

First one to the table eats the most…..

Success in Dentistry and Life…

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