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Online Reviews Matter

4-starsDentists spend large amounts of time and money trying to get the online attention of patients or more importantly potential new patients. Dentists create Facebook pages, tweet , spend big bucks on SEO and even buy keyword ads. All of this time and money is wasted if the dentist has a bad online reputation. Online reviews are incredibly powerful. Here is why:

  • 88% of consumers say they are influenced by online reviews.
  • If they can’t find a review about a specific product or business, they move on to one that does have reviews
  • 45% of dental patients consult review sites
  • 79% of consumers say they trust reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • Currently 60 to 70% of all dental practices have at least one Yelp review

There are many online review sites however the two that matter the most to dentists are Google and Yelp.

Google your name or practice name. Chances are you will have a Yelp review on the first page of results and the Google business result for your practice will have one or more reviews. The Google business result is the box with all your practice info that comes up on the right side of the results page.

If you have not claimed your Google business page do it now. Claiming the page will not influence your reviews but it does give you more control of what people see and can help push you up in the organic search results.

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