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According to the Smile Marketing Blog here are three items that indicate your web site is out of date:

  • Broken links: One of the biggest visitor deterrents on any website is to have “404: Page Not Found” messages and other errors all over the site. A dysfunctional dental practice website will limit the amount of visitors that actually convert into new patients. Scan your website on one of the many free online resources to identify any broken links.

  • Dated formatting: Attention spans are dwindling. Pages with huge blocks of text are going to send your visitors running. You want easy-to-scan copy that will keep readers engaged with your content.

  • Date-sensitive content: Events, promotions, holiday hours, and other content relating to past occurrences shows patients you aren’t maintaining your website. So whenever adding date-sensitive content to your site, be sure to set yourself a calendar reminder.

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Outdated sites are less likely to show up on a Google search. But even worse a potential new patient will be turned off by a dated site and may decide that you are not keeping up. Your website will be seen as a reflection on your clinical skills.

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