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Paperless…Chartless? What’s the Difference?

nopdfMore good advice from Dayna the Dentrix Diva.

If your office sends the patient paper forms to fill out before their appointment, sends the patient a PDF attachment of your new patient forms, or if you send your patients to your website where they have to download a PDF form, your office is ”chartless” not “paperless.”

via  The Dentrix Office Manager: Thinking of implementing electronic forms? This is a must read.

Providing forms as a pdf on your web page is a lateral technology move that provides very little benefit to the practice or the patient. True digital forms never go through a paper phase. The patient fills them out online and the data is synched to the patient record. No dental team member needs to put hands to keyboard.

Dentrix users can do this with e-central and website manager.

Another option is DentForms. DentForms works with Eaglesoft, Softdent as well as Dentrix and others.

True online forms provide several benefits:

  • Number one of course is efficiency. Team members spend less time transcribing paper entries from forms (including printed pdf forms) to the computer record.
  • Digital forms are not just for new patients but should be used with every patient to quickly update their chart information. Online forms are the quickest way to transition from paper forms to electronic.
  • Sending every patient to your website to fill out forms will create web traffic. This in turn will enhance your Google presence.
  • Patients will notice. They will appreciate the efficiency and it will help your office stand out as high tech.

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