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Poll: Most Americans Would Share Health Data For Research

bigdataFrom NPR, Interesting:

A NPR-Truven Health Analytics Health Poll found that data privacy didn’t appear to bother most respondents. Privacy worries ran highest for information held by health insurers, but even then only 16 percent of people expressed concern.

via Poll: Most Americans Would Share Health Data For Research : Shots – Health News : NPR.

This is another incidence of the huge unanswered question of the digital age…”Who Owns the Data?”

My experience speaking with everyday people confirms the poll results. They usually are very willing to allow their personal medical data to be used for research.  On the other hand when I asked the same question of someone working for the government the answer was quite different. “No” she said, “I don’t trust them.”

Continued high profile data breaches (Sony anyone?) and revelations of agencies using data to persecute individuals and groups makes it easy to be skeptical.

I do believe that big data analysis of medical data has the potential to significantly improve the human condition. On the other hand I do not believe it is possible to keep the data private. The only way to assure the world does not know your age, weight, medications and chronic conditions is to never put it online.

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