Print and Transfer Bookmarks – Expert Help by PC Magazine

Q I want to know how to print Firefox bookmarks and Internet Explorer Favorites, as well as how to copy them to removable media. Is there a hassle-free way of doing this?—Jorge de la Rosa
A For Internet Explorer Favorites, choose File | Import and Export from the menu. IE7 users, if you don’t see a menu, press the F10 key to display it. Click Next, choose Export Favorites, click Next twice, check Export to a File, and select the location and filename for the resulting HTML file. Click Next, then Finish, and you’ll have a nice HTML page containing all your Favorites, organized in a sort of outline form that corresponds to any subfolders within the Favorites collection.
Firefox bookmarks are already stored in HTML form; you just have to find the file. It’s located in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\mozilla\firefox\profiles\random\bookmarks.html, where username is your username and random is a random folder name.
To get a printout, simply open the HTML file in your browser by launching it and then print it as you would any other Web page. To transfer the selections to another computer, transfer the HTML file using a USB thumb drive, e-mail, or even a floppy disk. Then import it into the other computer’s browser.

– Print and Transfer Bookmarks – Expert Help by PC Magazine.